Getting really skilled at Smash Bros. 64

2013-07-28 20:29:48 by koopahermit

Lol, forget melee. I have been practicing 64 and I have been getting pretty good among my local community in Minnesota. Just at the most recent UofM montly, I got 2nd place and earned 30 dollars. I main Captain Falcon. Up-air combos for dayz. The only thing is that the kirby matchup is the bane of my existence. But hey, I've been improving a lot so I'll get it down eventually. 




Roshi Roshi Roshi

2012-10-30 19:24:28 by koopahermit

misanthrope, bisexual, and all around terrible person.

Remember, I hate a lot of people.... maybe even you

I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.

2012-08-03 01:48:09 by koopahermit

No, not really

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